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Ticketmaster Fees

You know, I've always said TicketMaster fees are crazy. But this takes the cake:

What it says is that the ticket prices range from $42.75 to $94.25.

The fees range from $329.75 to $332.25!

This had better be a glitch on their site and not a foreshadow of things to come...


BTW, the concert in question is Bob Seger. I hope they fix their site, 'cause I wanna go!! But not for $400 bucks a ticket. :P
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Dr Horrible

An Ethical Dilemma

What would you do if a friend used your computer to play Farmville and left without logging out of Facebook?

Who would you friend to fill up her feed? What would you post as her status? What pictures would you upload?

All suggestions will be duly considered and may be acted upon.

At least until Facebook logs her out. Whenever that may be.


The unfariness of life

Yeah, I know I never post here, but I happened to be reading another LJ blog when I got a call from my riding instructor, Cheryl.

A young girl who worked with Cheryl at the stable since she was 12 was off at her last semester at Harvard, and she was just killed in a riding accident.

She was kind, considerate, and an all around great person who was so excited about coming home to stay after the term was over.

How freaking unfair.

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Dr Horrible

It's good to have friends...maybe...

It's so good to have friends who help my LJ harass me. However would I survive without their kind consideration? :P

I've been working insane hours and haven't paid much attention to anything but that, so I really feel kinda guilty today -- we went to see the Bourne Ultimatum, and now we're about to play Lord of the Rings Trivial pursuit. Oh, yeah, and we had several margaritas and might well have many more. :-)

It'll be back to work tomorrow though, as I have to have a bunch of stuff done by Sunday night. {{sigh}}

Keep on drinking in my honor!!
Dr Horrible

This Is Jen's Live Journal

And I'm lonely [sniff] She hasn't posted even once. What's a journal to think? Le sigh. I guess I'll sit here in the corner and drink tequila.

(this post brought to you by Ith & Nin, LJ Advocates at Large)